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Through years of research, Yanhuang 312 Healthcare engineering team developed Bio-Electro Meridian Therapy, an advanced non-invasive healthcare therapy, using modern bio-electro magnetic technology on the principles of both Western Medical and Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) Meridian theories.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is certified by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it places electrodes to stimulate muscle, and the use of current to activate muscles began as early as the 1700s.


The 2500 years old Meridian system explains the theory of how energy "qi" flows within the human body, the meridians are paths that connect different acupuncture points of the body together.  Each meridian corresponds to each organ and affects how the organs work. In simple terms, the body would be in discomfort if the paths are blocked.


By selectively deploying principles of both theories, thousands of people have benefited from this innovative BioEM™ Therapy, it had shown to be  effective, and rest assured that the therapies are absolutely safe as there are no medications, injections, and needles involved

The BioEM™ System //


BioEM Technologies is the division of Yanhuang 312 Healthcare® responsible for research and development. The engineering team consists of product designer and electrical engineer to make sure that only the best systems are assembled.


As soon as the new system is being pushed to the market, development and improvements are underway for a better and improved version, in short it is constantly upgrading and innovating ways to improve lives through non-invasive healthcare solution.







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BioEM (Bio- Electro Magnetic)


EMS are able to stimulate muscles effectively, however, the placing of the electrodes are often fixed and isolated to a certain area, there is little control over where the current should be applied.


Body Controlled Electrotherapy, on the other hand, allows the therapists to control the current like how he is able to control his own body, but the current output is often very low and the effects are usually limited to the face area where it is more sensitive to current. Extended use of this method also causes fatigue to the therapists.


BioEM™ recognizes these problems and developed a new system to address them by using specialized application pads to conduct the current. The pads are able to slide and massage the body in every area and the control of the current are precise and safe. The average use of current is between 3-5mA, and the average current that causes negative discomfort is from 50-150mA. BioEM System has a restriction level set at 20mA (way below the safety mark), there is no way that the current will exceed this level even in the event of a power surge. BioEM™ therapy includes two main methods, body-controlled and direct-controlled therapy allowing it to have the best of both worlds.


BioEM™ combines muscle stimulations and meridian theory to benefit the clients, it was developed based on two significant medical discoveries.




The Bio-Electro Magnetic System converts the regular 230V electricity (Wall Socket) to a human-friendly Bio-Electricity through a specially designed circuit and conversion process. This type of electricity is safe to humans and thus allows it to benefit the body.


Two specially designed high-density application pads will be used to evenly spread the current to the applied area. (as shown in the picture)




The enhanced safety features of this system include our trademark MultiSafe™ system and fused protection to protect it from discharging excessive current thus it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be negatively injured by this.













The main feature of this system is having multiple safety switches, unsafe device usually have minimal safety features to cut cost, but we do it differently, we invested in the safety significantly to carry our brand well. MultiSafe™ prevents the system to be left on for an extended period of time especially when unattended, it will shut down after a pre-determined time and can only be restarted by intention.  


The multiple clearance built inside the system prevents accidental power surge exceeding the ratings, in the unlikely event of malfunction, the system will be suspended until the manufacturer switch it back on.  


Additionally, only qualified therapists are able to operate this, all therapists will need to go through proficiency tests.


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