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The BioEM™ System //

Through years of research, Yanhuang 312 Healthcare engineering team developed Bio-Electro Meridian Therapy, an advanced non-invasive healthcare therapy, using modern bio-electro magnetic technology on the principles of both Western Medical and Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) Meridian theories.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is certified by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it places electrodes to stimulate muscle, and the use of current to activate muscles began as early as the 1700s.


The 2500 years old Meridian system explains the theory of how energy "qi" flows within the human body, the meridians are paths that connect different acupuncture points of the body together.  Each meridian corresponds to each organ and affects how the organs work. In simple terms, the body would be in discomfort if the paths are blocked.


By selectively deploying principles of both theories, thousands of people have benefited from this innovative BioEM™ Therapy, it had shown to be  effective, and rest assured that the therapies are absolutely safe as there are no medications, injections, cupping and needles involved






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